Life of An Architecture Student


Have you ever been in a situation when somebody asks you “beta tum architecture banne wale ho na?” or the vice versa “tum architect kar rahe ho na?”.

Literally, The first word that pops up in our mind is NO. But we decently answer it like “I am an architect, not an architecture”. Ok, I may sound obsessed with the idea but heck, some respect, please!!

This decency of being calm came from none other than our frustrated professors who never ever approve of our designs and according to them, it’s always a crap “Kachara”.

Being an architecture student we were always admiring the shape, curves, services and blah blah of architectural buildings imagining what the architect was trying to convey through its shape but seriously, do buildings speak to you???

According to the Guinness book of world records architecture has been chosen as the toughest course among all the courses. But wait- there is a lot more to studying architecture then completing it..!

Here are some which every architecture student can totally relate to :

  • For us, the definition of anxiety is “the pain you feel when a professor tear our final sheets”.
  • Weekend………what it is ????
  • You go with the submission, come back with a pile of torn sheets and cardboard and never-ending “redo’s”.
  • Collecting every junk like bottle caps, straws etc that people throw away because they could be a good piece for my ‘future, not even planned’ model.
  • Out of somewhere all powers on the earth conspires to crash architecture student’s design software!!
  • Dreaming of designing skyscrapers one day in the first year to finishing the thesis model in the fifth year is like dream come true.
  • Even a large cup of coffee gives up when it comes to our sleepless nights.
  • Architecture students have a unique talent for coming up with a unique concept in just 15 minutes before the final jury.

  • Spending all your pocket money on prints, pencils, sheets, and more stationary stuff that we only use for one year or two.
  • Stedlers and Rotring are the only brands that exist for us.
  • Earphones are the only better half.
  • Being so Autocad addict that we end up using Autocad shortcuts on every other program.
  • The only expectations we keep are from the line weights and the hatch is to come out perfect on our first plot.
  • Don’t like your design..? rotate it and set it on the angle you feel like and it’s done..!!
  • The only sarcasm we understand is “2B or not 2B?”
  • The greatest inspiration for us is the DEADLINE.
  • No, we don’t travel for a break…The only reason for our travel is “Case Studies”.
  • The best thing about all these years is despite all the sleepless nights of brainstorming in search of concepts, excessive hours of planning and design, and an endless stress every architecture student still manage to finish and submit our submission on time…..kudos to us!!

Of course, there are a lot more things that I didn’t talk about. But archiTORTURE is something that cannot be expressed in words can only be felt. Rejections and repeats are the most amazing things that are known to us for a living.

Despite all the submissions, sheets, models etc, this journey of five years is the best time of one’s life with unforgettable memories and friends.





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