Open Riser Staircase Importance



The staircase is the main element of any house design. The location of the staircase is always the integral point of discussion during the planning of any house as it dictates the layout of the entire house.
Open riser staircases help to change the meaning of staircase from just a basic element to the extraordinary element of the house.

Open riser staircase

Open riser adds an exclusive new element to the staircase. It transforms from being the boring aspect of the house to the eye-catching feature that compliments the entire space.
An open riser staircase is one in which the “riser” the vertical member of the staircase is open than enclosed.
They are also called the floating staircase.

This type of staircase is gaining popularity in residential buildings because of various extraordinary properties I.e, unobstructed views, transparency which helps in providing a perception of larger area, provide natural light inside the house.
Unlike the old sophisticated staircase look like it comes with an airy feel.

Importance of open riser staircase.

Natural Light:

The open riser staircase concept helps in maximizing natural light as the riser is open which helps in penetrating the natural light inside the house.
This is more effective when made from timber as it highlights the aesthetic of the material.


In today’s time, space is the major constraint all over the world. These type of open staircase allows light to penetrate inside the room which makes it a bigger space.Use of cool colors will also enhance the space and makes it feel airy.

Form and function:

The area under the contemporary staircase becomes very dull and often go to waste. It is a dark space which is not used frequently.
Choosing an open riser staircase can change this dark space to the place which is full of light and can be used frequently and can be utilized as something other than storage.

Enhance modern style:

These type of staircases are not just functional addition but they also have a sleek modern look. Whether you want to have curved, spiral or stringer /double stringer or cantilever staircase, its version can be created in open.

Open riser trends:

The construction of this type of staircase is very versatile and can be used in many styles. These type of staircase creates open, well-lit space and can be used in both residential and commercial buildings. It can be incorporated into both curved and straight staircases.

So, if you are designing your house or planning to renovate go and get rid of mono-type staircases and explore new types of the staircase and makes your living area more lively, airy and full of light which makes the area look bigger.

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