Why Architecture is A Dream Career


Most of the people prefer architecture as a profession but when you enquire them about choosing the profession only a few of them will able to state the appropriate answer, others don’t even realize the significance of the architecture and the actual reason to choose the profession as your career. This article may help many people as well as students to understand why to choose architecture as your dream career.

Architecture and design bring out an innovative, productive and imaginative part of yourself while being technically proficient. There are many other careers that are equivalent to the standards of architecture and does provide you with a lot of opportunities to enhance as well as embrace your talent through a practical presentation.

But, Architecture is mainly about the design process of the architect, from the micro-level to the macro-level and has a lot of subfields such as residential, commercial, interior, green design, landscape, urban design and industrial. It is one of the few professions that is never repetitive- it is constantly growing. There are persistently advancing materials and construction methods in architecture.

Architectural courses are altogether a merger of engineering, arts, and technology. The most vital requirement for this field is adequate drawing skills. Architectural students develop extremely desirable creative, visual, technical and design-based skills.

Through the profession of architecture, one can become an architect, architectural technologist and interior & spatial designer. Other fields where you can extend your career include building surveyor, commercial/residential surveyor, construction manager, higher education lecturer, conservation officer, landscape architect and many more.

As an architect, you can witness your creative perception converting into reality and see your design come to fruition. Being onsite, you can experience the walls go up, the windows go in and the whole structure transpire. You can be your own boss and a true team player while acquiring the ability to manage multiple projects simultaneously.

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 Pallavi Shrivastava



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