Why Green Building is necessary for our country?


In this Article, we will talk about what green building is and why it is essential for every one of us.

A ‘Green‘ building is a building Describe by its design, construction or operation, reduce or eliminates negative impacts, and can generate positive impacts, our climate, and natural environment.

Conventional buildings have a significant impact on the health and safety of people and the environment. These buildings use resources, produce waste, and release greenhouse gases throughout their life cycle which can be many years.

What is Green Building?

Green building is not a new concept, We humans making structure or buildings with local, Materials likes cement, woods, Steel etc and using renewable energy from the sun, the wind and water from many of years.

At the moment, green building is the carry out of drawing or designing, construction, and operating buildings to safety parameter. On terms of –

  • Using Minimize resource
  • Decrease waste and negative ecological impacts
  • Make the most of occupant health and efficiency
  • Reduce life cycle costs

A green building is

  • Makes well-organized use of land, resources, energy, and water
  • Generates nominal or no waste
  • provide a healthy indoor surrounding for its occupants
  • Restores improve or enhance the natural atmosphere

Benefits of Green Building?

  • Green Buildings have Low Maintenance and Operation Cost in comparison to Conventional Buildings.
  • Green Buildings are Energy Efficient.
  • Green buildings include Specific Unique construction features that make sure well-organized use of resources such as water and energy. …
  • Green Buildings enhance Indoor Environment Quality.
  • Green Building Improve Water Efficiency of the building.
  • Green Building Gives Better Health to People Surrounding.
  • Planned Material Efficiency.
  • Green Building Create Better Environment around Building.
  • Green Building Reduces damage on Local Resources.

So if you are planning a new Home, New building, New Hospital, the New commercial place you can make them Green and help the environment and people surrounding.

Even Existing Buildings or home can evaluate their Buildings and can take participate in the green revolution by taking green building certification.

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