Add a Pinch of Adventure to Your Appetite @Fly-Dining,Bangalore.


Yes, we are talking about the fly-dining experience at Silicon Valley. Bangalore came up with an ultimate concept of fly-dining where you can have your meal while floating up in the air for about 50 meters that too with an amazing view of the Nagwara Lake, Manyata Techpark along with the beautiful Bangalore’s Green cover.

Is the Thrill Safe?

The experience is a treat for adventure lovers, as they can have a feeling of thrill, as the chairs can rotate up to 180 degrees, but are completely safe as people are secured with aircraft quality safety belts. The complete dining table of about 22 people is picked up by a crane which has a high-quality metal and is tested by TUV for a secure experience.
Anyone can go and experience the beauty without any age barriers, but there is one barrier to the height which has to be more than 135cm as per the security rules.

New Adventures at New Places.

Fly dining is actually spread across the world, in about 45 countries, which let people have the yummiest meals in the air, surrounded by clouds, which has been a dream for every adventurous soul.
It offers to seat for 22 people along with 4 waiters/food servers.
One has to choose food preference from a set menu, as up in the air it is not possible to serve all dishes, but anyways food is not a big deal here, as everyone is mesmerized by the concept of fly-dining and the beautiful view it offers.

What Does It offer

The basic concept of wine and dine in the air is quite unique and novel in India, and hence has a potential for growth and popularity.
They also help to arrange different events apart from just dinners, like parties, special Vip treatment for guests, conferences, meetings, talk shows, and even press conferences.
So, its an ultimate and unique platform for different activities.


The price is not too nominal, its INR.6,999 for dinner @flydining, but here is a pro tip to save your money, You may visit between 4 pm to 11 pm (Only mocktails and starter) which will cost you approx. INR. 3,999, for a 45 minutes slot.

What’s So Unique

It holds some more unique elements which are “Infra-re-heating-system”, it is an extra option available at the fly dining to heat food, and the one generally used here is the switch box with a cable 60 meter long.
The other facilities include a nontransparent roof for the installation of A/C fans and protection from sunlight. The team holds a high power back-up system for easily providing the above-mentioned facilities.

Come up with a new experience at Bangalore’s Fine dining concept, and make your trip to the silicon valley thrilling, adventurous and memorable.

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  1. Wow !
    Great information. I did visit here personally and all the details provided will be helpful to people trying this !
    Good for a proposal dinner though….other person cant walk away 😉


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