6 Main and Common Causes of Home Fire


A home can simply grab fire from the mistreatment of appliances and heating equipment to smoking in house area. On the other hand, you can take actions to avoid Home fire in the home and ensure the safety of your family. Below are some of the most common reasons for fire hazard at home.


Heat is the main source of catching home fire so for precaution. Maintain heaters or Burners at least one meter away from whatever thing that could easily catch fire such as furniture, curtains, laundry, clothes and even yourself.

Cooking Equipment

If the individual cooking gets unfocused and leaves cooking unattended, Home fire can happen. So always stay in the kitchen while making something, or ask someone to watch your food, when cooking is on.


A cigarette that is not put out as it should be can reason a flame It could burst into flames if it makes contact with flammable materials, such as furniture. Did you know that fires started in the bedroom or drawing area, How Big it can be?

Electrical Equipment

An electrical appliance, Like a toaster or microwave, can initiate a home fire if it is defective. A power extension cord can also be a fire hazard if not used correctly. Properly & regularly maintain the appliances and power plugs in your home.



Candles look shining, but if left unattended they can find a room to easily burst into big fire. Keep candles away from any flammable items such as books and paper material.

Curious Children

Kids can source a fire out of interest, to see what would turn out if they set fire to an object. Keep any matches or lighters out of reach of children, to avoid any curiosity turned tragedy. Install a smoke detector in the child’s room and practice a home escape plan with your children and family in case there was a fire.



Bad electrical wiring can be the source of fire so always check and maintain house wiring. The above instructions are a good guide to avoiding a fire in your home.

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