DhaiDweep An Architectural concept


Dhaidweep is the world’s best Jain temple with a glow-in-the-dark. Indore bragged
of having those type of architectural presentation.
Temple has a main gate which is inspired by southern genre Thanjavur art. The
gate is 72 feet long (resembling teen chobishi),24 feet long (resembling 24
tirthankaras) and 16 feet wide.1,24,000 bricks have been used to construct this
gate. It has been built by a southern artisan in 30 months. This gate is called
PANCH PARMESTHI DWAR. This gate is biggest among all Jain gateways of
India. The builder and cooperative of the gate is Shri Rashiklal Ji Manik Chand Ji
Dhariwal, Pune buildings.

What does Jainism tell about Dhaidweep?

As per Jain philosophy middle world comprises an infinite number of dweeps and
samudras(oceans) in which Jambudweep, Lavad Smudra, Ghatki Khand,
Kalodadhi and up to half Puskar dweep is named as Dhaidweep. The third dweep,
Puskar Dweep, is divided into two parts- Inner and outer, by Manustoar mountain.
This place is circular having diameter 45 lakh yojans. The place is being
constructed in our temple in a circular area of diameter 134feets.

Temples in Dhaidweep:

Dhaidweep consists of total 398 akrityim temples. All the attempts are being made
to enlighten these with beautiful lights and enhancing sound. Under this the
chetyalas will be created as follows: 80 on the five Meru mountains, 20 on the
Gajdants, 10 on the Jambu-Salmali etc. tress 80 on the bakchar mountains 30 on
the kulachals,170 on the vijaydhas, 4 on the isbakars and 4 on the manusotar
In this manner a total of 1138 JinPratimas(Jain idols)consisting of 398 akrityim
temples,720 trithankaras and 20 permanent will be placed in Dhaidweep Jinaytan.

The word Jambudweep means by " the land of Jambu trees" where jambu is the
name of the species and dweep means "island"
According to Jain cosmology, Jambudweep is the middle part of the universe,
where the humans reside.

Dhaidweep is handling by Arch Point Consultants Pvt. Lmt. A best architectural Company In Jaipur.

Mount Meru (king of mountains) is at the center of the world surrounded by
Jambudweep, in form of a circle forming a diameter of 100,000 yojanas.
Jambudweep mainland has 6 mountains, dividing the mainland into 9 zones

The names of these zones are:

• Bharat Kshetra
• Mahavideha Kshetra
• Airavat Kshetra
• Ramyakwas
• Hariwas
• Hairanyvat Kshetra
• Haimavat Kshetra
• Devkuru
• Uttarkuru

According to Jain cosmology:

Maha Videh Kshetra is at the center of jambudweep. There are five videh
kshetras in all. All these five are at the centers of dhai dweep.
We can say about the videh kshetra of jambudweep here. At the center of videh
kshetra is sudarshan meru, on the top of which, abhishek of the Tirthankar is done
by the Indra.
On both the sides(left hand and right hand) i.e. Purv videh & pashchim
videh there are 16–16 regions called as nagri. These are vertically divided into
halves and horizontally divided because of sita nadi and sitoda nadi.

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