Exclusive Apartment Interiors


This project serves as a dual functional space for use, commercial, as well as residential. Concepts of Interiors have been taken in concern so that space doesn’t look compact and gives a feeling of emancipation, thus it feels homely to be there.

While working on the interiors, it is tried to avoid any bulkiness from the space to enhance its beauty. Lighter shades have been incorporated wherever needed to ensure that the place looks spacious and comfortable to one’s sight.

The interiors of this apartment have been done keeping in concern the utility of space whilst maintaining the user’s comfort. The apartment has a uniform flooring of wood pattern tiles in the living room as well as the bedroom. Kitchen flooring has been done in ceramic tiles.

Living Room

Wooden flooring and white walls provide a perfect contrast keeping a distinct temperament of colors. The wooden texture provides a feeling of compactness and warmth within the surroundings and white walls perfectly balance it out with its illuminating property.

The living room comprises of furniture with multiple functioning properties. Such as the sofa provided in the living room can be used in a dual manner i.e. sofa during the day and can be converted into a bed the in the night. This kind of furniture can be helpful if there is a guest, who needs to stay for a while.

The patterns on the background wall complement the other white walls in the house. Wall colors have been used of lighter shades so as to give a feel of comfortable spaces.


The wooden floorings contribute to a traditional touch along with justice to the modernity of the space.

The contrast of colors between flooring and walls create a serene environment and provides visual appeal to any person at a glance.

The ceiling of this room contains wooden panels in the specific portion above the bed to break the continuity of space.    


Pantry possesses a different character than that of the whole apartment. Vibrant colors and lightweight materials dominate the whole space. Unlike the whole house, kitchen flooring has white ceramic tiles with little patterns.

A pantry is a space which is destined to produce more of energy on a regular basis, therefore keeping it in mind, colors and materials have been chosen wisely according to the demands of the space.

For furniture, white oak (light color) veneer is used which enhances the spaciousness and cool colors help in maintaining the temperature in the atmosphere.

Thus this project has been successfully completed as planned by the designers. Hope it proves to be helpful for your home décor in future.

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