A Best Example of Architecture is Hotel Kapish in Jaipur


“Hotel Kapish(Architectural project) is designed by Arch Point Consultants Pvt. Lmt. is located at “Bani Park”, Jaipur.

Architectural project
Super Delux Room


Location Of Hotel Kapish (Architectural project)

  • Situated in the eastern part of Rajasthan and surrounded on three sides by rugged Aravali hills. Jaipur experiences a semi-arid climate type. It has an average elevation of 430 meters.
  • Temperatures are higher around most of the time around the year. Summers extend from April to July. The average temperature ranges from 30 degree Celsius in summers to 5-15 degree Celsius in winters.
  • The city experiences monsoon in the months of August and September receiving over 650mm of rainfall over the year. With pleasant weather in the month of October, the city experiences. Architectural project winters during the months of November to February.
  • The site is in a valley located south of Amber and the plains beyond, a terrain. That was the bed of a dried lake, dense forest cover to the north and the east of the site. The weather experienced at this place is of hot and dry type.
Architectural project
Roof Top Retrorant


  • Evergreen and deciduous trees create a buffer zone between building block, settlement, and the site.Every room in the hotel kapish is based on a different section of the theme taken. The outer façade of the building is based on Brutalism style of Architectural project.
  • This style of architecture was seen as a reaction by the younger generation to the previously constructed buildings which symbolized optimism, lightness, and frivolity in the 1930s and 1940s Architectural project.
  • Brutalism focuses on the exposure of the building’s basic elements and materials, meaning that, rather than just covering up the structure to hide its elements, we should rather celebrate its identity. One of the most famous icons of brutalism was Le Corbusier, who designed several buildings like Unite d’Habitation in Marseille etc.
  • This style gives importance to a building’s functionality rather than just concentrating on the fact of how it looks from the outer face.

Architectural project

Features of Brutalism architecture used in this building are expressed as follows:

  1. Use of rough and heavy forms of stones, concrete, stucco, and glass.
  2. Flowers are considered as the basis for designing the suites because flowers represent the most natural form of nature. This theme is also nourished by its effects in the interiors of the spaces.
  3. Floorings are done in harmonious combinations of wood and carpets to provide the maximum level of comfort for the user, also they are arranged in a way that architectural project is easy to maintain them.
  4. The designed hotel is designed to be of a rating of 3 stars. Space comprises of Banquet halls, deluxe suites, open restaurants, bar, twin rooms, family suite, rooftop restaurants, all to create a luxurious feel within its premises.
  5. The different elements and spaces combine to form a unified functioning building, which fulfills the definition of the theme taken, i.e. brutalism. Different elements in the building combine together to create specific functional zones.
  6. The design follows the concept of keeping honesty contrasting the dramatic manner of ornamented buildings. It shows the dominance of usage of glass, exposed brickwork and concrete architectural project etc.
  7. The building concentrates on its functionality to help keep its users comfortable and satisfied.

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