Designing small spaces


The struggle for finding space for all your stuff whether you stay in a studio apartment or want to get more of a small space is real. Designing Small spaces comes with great challenges but it doesn’t mean that designing these spaces is not possible. With little planning, even the small spaces can make big difference in our house.

Here we will guide you on how to make proper designing small spaces.


For designing small spaces, the most important thing is to make sure of the utility of the space and its functionality.

For example, do you need to bed a king size bed in your kid’s room? Would a roundtable be a good option for dining area? Asking this kind of questions will make you understand your problems and will force you to think about it.



Before going for furniture, purchasing the most important thing is to know the type of furniture which will help look your room look bigger and not congested.

The followings things to be taken care are:-

  1. Make a list of the basic furniture according to the function of the room, for example:- for a drawing room the basic furniture are a sofa, center table, side table and a separate wall for L.C.D.
  2. The height of the sofa should not be very high as it will make your room look smaller.

Opt For Lifted Lighting

For Designing small spaces, lighting is at a premium and it should be such that it hung on the wall or on the table top so that it does not take an extra space in your room.

While we usually spend a lot of money on recessed ceiling lights and false ceiling but while doing that we forget our focus from the ceiling and therefore leaning too heavily on recessed lights tends to leave the ceiling in darkness and thus makes our room look smaller.

Unifying Color

The color of the walls of the room should always be of one color as it makes your room look bigger. Consider using warm and soothing hue to cover the majority of the room and ceiling.

Highlighting one Unifying color fades enhances the coziness of the room.

Make It Multi-Functional

Regardless of the style, the most important thing in decorating the room is to do it in a way such that it can be used for more than one thing, and it a multi-functional.

Like, A desk can also function as a buffet when entertaining, or even a bench can be a coffee table.

So, from this, you will understand that even a small space can be used in a better way if we design it accordingly.



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