Dream Home Requirement Finalisation


We all wish to make a perfect Dream Home Requirement Finalisation. A home which can be utilized in a proper manner. But very few can make it into a reality exactly as they dreamt of it.

Since you utilize all your lifetime dream Home Requirement Finalisation resources for your dream house. We advise you to not make any decision in a hurry. Before starting construction of your house it is important that you can finalize requirements. Which you want to complete on your plot.

In this article, we will try to give some basic direction for finalizing the requirement of your dream house.

The first and the foremost thing is to finalize the basic needs of ourselves and our home.  our dream home Requirement Finalisation you should analyze your current home and make a list of things you like and dislike in your house.

And what is missing and what you want to change at your present space to make it your dream house.

The next thing to consider is how many people will be living in the new home. Also in the case of pets, you should consider them to be a part of your dream house requirement Finalisation.

Now what comes next is our lifestyle. Which defines the kind of spaces we need. for example, for people who are works from home needs a separate office space. People with specific hobbies will require a separate storage space or maybe a specific space.


To define our spaces as indoor and outdoor you need to observe your daily interest. Like how much time you spend in different areas of your home. For instance, if In the morning you like to sit on the balcony for a cup of tea, then your balcony should be large.

If you love to do gardening you must have this requirement kept in your mind. If you want to do yoga, meditation then you should make a room which is helpful in completing this Dream Home Requirement Finalisation.

Then comes the number Of floors/rooms/spaces and use of each. Are there any particular areas you want to be more private than others or to be connected to any other particular area.


  • If there is an elder member in your family. Require specific accessibility requirements or have any regular visitors then their rooms need to be placed near the entrance.
  • If you want your children s room near your room so that you can take care of them.
  • In case of frequent gatherings of a number of people at a time you can merge your drawing and living areas.
  • You must always think that how many formal guests come to your house it will help you in designing a formal drawing room. It will also give you an idea about the sitting arrangement in the drawing room.
  • We should check that we use the bedroom in what ways. If we want to do a study in the bedroom then the bedroom should be designed with a study table inside otherwise furniture layout will be different.

Next point to think is how you visualize your home externally considering any ideas or references or style from magazines or the internet or maybe a live example that you like and wish to have in your dream home.

The major thing to consider in the Dream Home Requirement Finalisation is budget and time frame under. Which you want to construct your dream house Arch point is an architectural firm in Jaipur. Which makes your dream come true fulfilling all your needs.

The point which many people forget to consider is the location and surroundings of the site. Is there anything particularly attraction near your plot or anything which you dislike or any particular view that is important for you.

So you must have realized throughout this blog how important is to consider every single detail in making your dream house into a reality which will be the greatest achievement of your life!!!



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