How To Arrange Your Bedroom


The bedroom is the only place where we start and end our day so it’s important that this room is well planned. In today’s stressful life, the state of mind we want in the bedroom is – peaceful, stress-free, relaxed, productive and calm.

Bedrooms are the space which has to have a bed in it. And beds are big and ungainly and dictate the placement of every other object in the room. But if you’re lucky enough to be planning a bedroom from scratch or remodeling an existing bedroom, you can control the other elements and create a space that’s both practical and pretty.

There are a lot of things one can have in the bedroom but you should start with what you want otherwise it will be a mess.

So, here are some key points which you can think of for your peaceful sleep:

  • Location of the room: The only thing to see is that none of our bedrooms should be in the North – East corner of our house. Considering Master bedroom, it must always be in the South-West corner. The location of the bedroom also depends on the approach and privacy level required for the room. For instance, if children are small and needs attention, then it should be near the parent’s room.

  • Size of the room: This depends on the number of factors like what will be the number of people, the age of the people sleeping in the room, whether it is a master bedroom, children room or guest room. Another factor is duration one spends in the room and also the amenities one requires in the bedroom, the size, and type of furniture, storage space required, etc.
  • Think about Function: The best way to think about what you want in your bedroom is thinking about what are the activities you are going to do in your bedroom.

If you watch a lot of TV in bed then TV should be in front of the bed.

  • Draw it out: Its easier to sketch out different furniture arrangements on paper rather than physically moving the furniture and scratching our flooring.  Consider your major items and try arranging them on the page to get a clear picture.
  • Ventilation: The bedroom is space is used for rest, relaxation, reading, writing, working, listening to music, sleeping, etc., it needs to have privacy, quiet and peace. It should be well lit and airy and preferably near some green garden etc as the oxygen released by plants is rejuvenating for the occupants.
  • Electrical Appliances: While planning your bedroom you should also see that three pin sockets should be near your bed for phone charging or maybe lamps. Another point is to see that AC should not be installed just above the head since it may result into health issues. The most prominent problem is tube light and TV position, Tubelight should not be placed in front of a TV since it may result in glare and uncomfortness.

Following today’s trend, you must follow the concept of “less is more”,  common features include the use of clean lines and solid reflective surfaces. This creates a sleek and aesthetically pleasing interior because everything is symmetrical and has a clean look. Some people might see it as plain and sanitary, like a laboratory or hospital room, but modern design strives for an appeal that is not overt but subtle and understated.

Every different person has different views, so one must not go on the aesthetic look but also think about personal use and functionality. A perfect bedroom will give you the confidence to start your day on the right foot and peace of mind to rest easy at night.

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