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Finalization of the kitchen is the important point to consider before going for construction of your dream house. It is the most essential part of the house. As it is the place of the head of the kitchen department. In our Indian society, the lady is the head of the kitchen department and is also called as “ ANNAPURNA”.


Mostly the kitchen should be placed near the entrance door for security reasons as the lady should see the main door and keep a check on people coming.

It should have proper ventilation such that proper light and air kills the bacteria present in the kitchen.

According to Vastu, the best suitable place is south-east and north-west. As the east brings morning sunlight and west bring setting sunlight as these are the time which is mainly used by ladies in the kitchen.


Finalization of the kitchen size depends on the equipment’s to be needed. Like,

  • if we want to keep our fridge in the kitchen or in the dining area.
  • Kitchen with the store.
  • Kitchen with separate washing area.
  • Kitchen with a kitchen garden.
  • Kitchen with dining, kitchen+dining +living.


Finalization of the kitchen contains a type of kitchen as the major consideration ie, open kitchen and closed kitchen concept depends on the individual choice and on their style of living and culture of the house.

Elements of the kitchen to be taken care:

Requirement Finalization of the kitchen is the important point to consider before going for construction of your dream house

  1. Entrance:

Entries: minimum width should be kept 32 inches.

Doors: if doors are to be kept, there should be no hindrance with the kitchen appliances.  Lack of clearance space can damage the appliances as well as doors and cause inconvenient to use.

  1. The kitchen triangle:

The essential part of the kitchen is the cooking stove, sink, and the refrigerator. The triangle is formed from these three, and the points should not exceed a maximum distance from each other.

  • The distance between these three Points: All three points of the triangle should not total more than 26 feet.
  • Length of points: the length should be 4 to 9 feet so that the triangle look like an acute triangle.

  1. Work and walkway-aisle- do not block traffic:

For Finalization of the kitchen, Work aisles are used to access any part of the kitchen for cooking purposes.

Walkway aisles are used to pass from one part of the house to another via the kitchen.

  • Work Aisles: Minimum width should be kept is 42 inches for a single-cook kitchen. A multiple-cook kitchen should have aisles of a minimum of 48 inches.
  • Walkway Aisles: No walkway routes should pass through the kitchen triangle. Minimum width should be kept is 36 inches.

  1. Countertops- more is better:

If you ask the lady of the house as what they want most in their kitchen will be the “More countertop space”

Length of counters: the minimum length should be kept is 158 inches which is to be recommended as minimum linear frontage of the countertop.

The depth of counters: the minimum depth should be kept is 24 to 25 inches.

Space above counters: the greater space is needed above counters for appliances like, oven, blenders etc. Thus, the minimum vertical space should be kept 15 inches between countertops and the lowest side of wall cabinets.

  1. Sinks placement:
  • Sink placement: Sink is the very useful part of our kitchen and it requires a proper place as it is the wet zone of the kitchen. The sink area or washing area should have proper ventilation so that the sink area should not be kept wet all the time.
  • Landing areas: The sink should have a minimum of 24 inches of landing area on one side, and a minimum of 18 inches of area on the other side. Thus, Finalization of kitchen designing can be a tough task but it also makes your daily life much more convenient and helps.

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