Basic Vastu Shastra For Home


A home is not just a place for living but also a place for mental peace and our identity indication. It is not just of one it was for all the members living in it so it should be beneficial for each of them. Vastu is called dweller ‘the house of God and human’.
It deals with 5 elements: sun, moon, sky, fire, and earth. These are the elements on which the universe works.

If a house is made according to these elements it brings happiness and prosperity to vastu we deals with the directions. So there are the following directions to be considered:

Vastu for the bedroom

  • North-east: A bedroom in north direction should not be constructed as it is a place for puja room.
  • East: bedroom on the east side is suitable for unmarried children, as it is governed by diety ‘surya’.
  • South-east: it is not recommended for bedrooms as it leads less of concentration in children’s and difficulty in sleep.
  • West: this direction is ideal for the bedroom for children but though it increases the birth of a girl in the family.
  • North-west: this direction bedroom is best for newly-weds.


Vastu for the kitchen:


  • The best direction for the kitchen is south-east as it is called ‘Agni on’ and the second best direction is north-west. But no other directions are used for constructing a kitchen.
  • The sink should be placed in a north-east direction.
  • Electronic appliances like fridge, microwave should be at the south wall as it is best for electronic equipment.
  • The door of the kitchen should not be opposite of the door of the toilet.
    Vastu for drawing room-
  • North-west- it is an ideal location for drawing room as provides proper ventilation.
  • North-east: This side is best for placing drawing room as it is a source of positive energy and provides mental peace.
  • North: This side is a source of wealth and health and happiness in the family.

Vastu for pooja room:

  • The ideal placement for the pooja room is north, east and north-east side of the house.
  • While worshipping one should face towards east, north.
  • The pooja room should not be in the bedroom or on the toilet wall.
  • The door of the pooja should have on the east and north side.
  • The color of the walls should be light in color.


Vastu for the living room

The living room is the center of the house as it acts as a connecting space for every individual, so it is very important to design it properly so that it brings positive energy into our house and our relationships.

  • North-west: it is the ideal location for the living room as it has direct wind flow due to wind direction.
  • North-east: it brings positive energy to the house.
  • North: it provides wealth and health to the individuals.


Vastu for toilet

Bathrooms placed in any direction brings problems in our lives so it is necessary to place it according to vastu as it leads to the health of an individual.

  • The best place for the toilet is the eastern side of the house.
  • Toilets should be at the west and north-west side of the building.
  • Toilet seat should place facing either north or south side.
  • The ventilation should be on the east or north side.
  • Mirror should be on the east wall.

Vastu for staircase

The staircase should be built in the southern and western side of the house.

  • Best direction for staircase is south-west or south or west.
  • The staircase should always run in the clockwise direction.
  • The staircase must have odd numbers and it should not end with zero.
  • External staircase can be built in the south-east, south-west and north-west, south-west.

Vastu for basement-

In vastu, the construction of a basement in residence is not allowed as the lower floor is said to be inauspicious.

  • The purpose for basement should be storage but should not be used for living purpose.
  • The basement should have proper light and ventilation.
  • About ¼ of the area of the basement should be above ground.
  • Height of the basement should be 9 feet.
  • Basement should be constructed in the northern or eastern side of the house.

Vastu for water tank

  • South-west side is ideal for placement of overhead water tank.
  • Overhead water tank in south-east direction is not auspicious as it causes a loss of wealth and accidents.
  • Overhead tank should not be placed in the center of the house.
  • Different tanks should be used for kitchen and toilets.

Vastu for entrance gate

  • The ideal location for the entrance gate is north and east.
  • It should always bigger than the other doors.
  • There should be no hindrance in the entrance gate.
  • The entrance of the house should never face the temple.



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