Feng Shui and Architecture

Feng shui And Architecture
Feng shui And Architecture

Feng Shui is the science of the study of nature. It is an ancient Chinese philosophy used in the construction of cities, houses, and buildings etc which involves a form of geomancy, prediction by geographic features, but Feng Shui and Architecture is mainly concerned about the relationship between nature and human beings so that we live in harmony with the environment.

Feng Shui and architecture both combine to bring beauty to your building.

History of Feng Shui

In the early century, people use to observe soil methods, water tasting, and study the terrain.

Later by Yan Junji, he predicted the future by observing the geographical features. Afterward, various theories were formed to observe the surroundings and therefore it is widely believed as a horoscope by common people.

Principles of Feng shui

  1. Take the environment as a whole:  the environment is the integral part of human beings which includes heaven and earth. Everything in the system interrelated to each other. 
  2. Any harm to one will affect the others too, so it is the basic rule of Feng Shui to take all them into prime consideration.
  3. In Harmony with local conditions:  Feng shui and architecture influences us to consider the surroundings and built accordingly as architecture should be suitable for nature.
  4. Leaning against mountains and facing water: According to fengshui, the houses facing rivers or leaning against the mountains is auspicious and brings good fortune and thus relate both fengshui and architecture.
  5. Observing terrain- The terrain of any site is the most important aspect in fengshui as it helps us in avoiding possible natural disaster.
  6. Examining Geology: In Feng Shui, they believe that geographical conditions affect health in four ways: soil condition, humidity, earth’s magnetic field.
  7. Analyzing Water Quality: Water has a great effect on every individual as it is the basic necessity for the living hood. According to science, good water heals illness and bad water causes diseases.

Feng Shui and Architecture

The fengshui plays an important role in our design process. it defines the relationship with nature and how nature is related to us and harming it will going to harm us.

Fengshui and architecture are inter-related as it helps in maintaining the ecological balance in nature.

During new construction, Fengshui and architecture both combine in the planning process but in case of renovation, it is used in materials and color study and placement of objects.

Feng-shui stresses in a geometric form which is symmetrical in nature. Curves also used during construction to increase its vitality.

Not only the building but its surroundings also affect in its vibrations. Planting trees along the building are auspicious.


The Shape of A Plot

In feng-shui, the plan form should be square or rectangle. As these geometric forms are energy efficient form and help to maintain functionality in interior designing. Thus feng-shui and architecture are co-related.

Front Entry

The front entry is the space which is visible by the people at maximum, so this area should evoke positive energy, the house number should be clearly visible. The entry should be kept clean and should be wide open. Bright colors should be used in the entrance gate.


Areas should be separated on the basis of its workability like Area of rest should be kept away from working areas. Offices in houses should be isolated from the core residential area.

Get Rid of Unused Items

The area should be free from unwanted items as it blocks the space. Areas should be kept open with necessary items which lead to positivity in your house.

Promote Ventilation

Every building should have proper natural sunlight, low sill windows, and openable windows at the proper location to allow natural ventilation.

Bed Placement

A bed should be kept in the south-east direction to provide proper sleep and be in harmony with nature.

Central Space

The center space in feng-shui should be kept open to circulate positive energy into the house.



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