Feng shui color tips to create a beautiful home on this diwali


The right option of Feng shui color helps you to modify your home and can do wonders for the home.

We all love colors and respond to it. Every color has diffident feeling associated with it which makes it an important part of feng shui.

Colors bring life to our home and incorporate positive energy inside the house. Various colors have important significance in the world of Feng Shui from vibrant red to warm color blue it all brings different energies in our lives.

So, let’s start our journey to explore the importance of various colors in feng shui.

Yellow color:

yellow color: sunlight and happiness 

Yellow color creates a cozy atmosphere and welcomes positive energy in our kitchen, living room etc. There are many shades of yellow from sunflower yellow to pale yellow to choose when you want to re-decorate your home.

Red color:

Red color- Vibrant and passion.

The strongest fengshui color is red which represents the fire element of feng shui. Vibrant color brings the energy of joy, excitement, and love in the house. It is the Chinese color of luck and happiness and a marriage color in India.

Green Color:

Green color- growth and health.

Green is the Feng Shui color of fresh energy and regeneration. The green color is nourishing to your health and balances the body by bringing healing vibrations from nature. While working with green color it is important to use at least several different shades to maximize the energy.

Orange color:

Orange color-social and optimistic.

Fengshui color red is very vibrant for house and offices so u can go for orange. It creates the Feng Shui energy to promote lively interactions and happiness in the house.

 White Color:

White color- the new beginning, freshness.

The Feng Shui color white gives the sense of purity and innocence. White color contains every color. It gives freshness in our lives.

Blue color:

Blue color- calm and peace.

It is the magnificent feng shui color among all the color. From sky to water there are shades of colors in our nature and you can choose any of the shades for your home.It is the best color for the home: East( health), Southeast (money), and North ( career).

Grey Color:

Grey color – neutral

We think the grey color is boring or dull but grey color can bring beautiful feng shui energy to any space. Grey color in the west (creativity), northwest (helpful people) and north (career).

Pink color:

Pink color- gentle, soothing.

It is the perfect feng shui color to soften the energy of any area. It has a soothing effect on one’s behavior. This color can be used in any room either bedroom or laundry.

Black color:

Black color- infinite, unknown.

Fengshui color black adds depth and strength in any space. You can use it to bring stronger energy to any space from man entry to the kitchen. Don’t use black color in kid’s room and on bedroom ceilings.

Brown color:

Brown color- strength.

It has become a popular color choice. It nourishes the Feng Shui energy and is associated with all good things in life. The energy of brown color is east (health), southeast (money) and south (fame).

Now, we know how to choose the color for our home and individual rooms which brings happiness and positivity in life.

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