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Feng shui is an ancient science and art originated in China. In which,  Feng means “wind” and Shui means “water”. In Chinese culture wind and water are associated with good fortune.

Feng shui helps you in removing your life obstacles or challenges with ease and grace and helps you to get clear about what you want and taking action to shift the energy around the obstacles.

Everyone has life issues which they are working on. Feng shui helps in this by just making a small change like keeping the toilet seat down. It doesn’t cost you much but helps you live your life peacefully.

Various feng shui products:

Living and natural Feng shui products:

The product that is living has a great influence on Feng shui. Such products are plants and flowers.


  • Plants: Plants are living things they produce more energy than any non-living objects. They are commonly used to boost energy and balance the five elements of an area.

Lucky Bamboos in Feng shui are used to increase the learning abilities of your family.

  • Flowers:-

Flowers are the type of plants which brings wood energy. flowers come in various colors and that influence the Fengshui of your home. Like red color, fire brings fire energy.

Flowers usually used to attract love. To do so, place the peach blossom area in your home.

  • Crystals:

They are used to provide good energy in your home. However, they are commonly used in western Fengshui.

Types of crystals:-

  • Rose quartz heart crystals must be placed in the southwest to promote better relations.
  • Purple amethyst is used to clear negative energy.

Religious Statues

  • Buddha statue:

Feng Shui products like Buddha statue are mostly used all over the world. Placing the Buddha statue in the home is said to attract positive energy. The statue should not be placed in the bathroom, kitchen or bedroom.

Locations of placing Buddha statues are living room, on the desk or office table, and the area facing the main door.

The material of the Statue- placing a stone Buddha statue at the south corner of the back garden gives support to the occupants of the house.

Instruments And Artifacts:

  • Coins of the five Chinese emperors:

These coins were used of those times when the china was most prosperous. These coins attract wealth, serve as a protection charm and block negative vibes.

  • Wind Chimes:

Wind chimes are mostly used in Feng shui. The sound of it is the source of energy, which can enhance the Qi of a specific area.

Wind chimes made of bronze and metal are ideal for northwest and west of the house while the bamboo or wooden wind chimes are used at east and southeast areas.

Wind chimes are not suitable for indoor placements because it can bring troubles.

  • Bronze Bells:

The energy of bronze bells comes from its sound. It is used to enhance the Qi of an area.

The bronze bell is hung on the area of the front door to attract wealth, block negative energies. The bells can be placed in north or northwest sides.

Feng shui animals

These Feng shui products come in the shape of animals or beasts.

  • Dragon:

Dragon is the main animal of Feng Shui as it is a symbol of the emperor. It is also a metaphor of a strong and powerful male.

It is used to boost the qi of an area.

The dragon should be placed in the living room, dining room, office but should not be placed in low line area like garages, restrooms etc.

  • Turtle:

The tortoise represents north or the back side of your home. It symbolizes longevity, support, and protection similar to the lifespan of the tortoise and how the shell protects the turtle.

It should be of stone and must be placed in the balcony or near the main door to protect the house from negative energy coming from outside.

So, these are the few and the most important Feng Shui products which will bring positivity in your life and protect the home from the negative vibes coming from outside.

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