Scientific Relevance Of Vastu


Vastu means ” House” or Dwelling Place. Scientific Relevance Of Vastu Shastra is an ancient building science which focuses on the philosophy and theory of Architectural works and living style of people.

The principles of scientific Relevance Of Vastu were built on the basis of science. It provides prosperity for the dwellers. The entire universe is made up of five basic elements: Fire, Air, Earth, Water, and Sky.

These elements are found in everything in this universe even it is present in every individual place. The excess or less of these elements in our body will result into psychological or physical imbalance in the body.

How Scientific Relevance Of Vastu Works:

In our solar system, the sun has its mythological significance in our Vedas and Upanishads. It is called as supreme soul (GOD). It provides us light and heat which makes the life existing on earth.

  • Sky Element: its the essential element for any building construction. the sky element is 9% of the total length and breadth of the plot.
  • Actual Construction: space for various elements: After deducting the space for sky element the left space is the actual space for construction.these area should be divided into 4 equal parts of 25% each.
    From the middle of North till the middle of East is Water element and from the middle of the East to the middle of South is Fire element. Middle of the South till the middle of West is Earth element. Middle of West to middle of North is Air element.
  • Brahma Sthana: It is the most secular place situated at the center of the constructed area. it is a rectangular area with 1/3 of length and breadth. Scientific Relevance Of Vastu is a combination of all five elements(sky, sun, earth, fire, and air) since these elements are created by Lord Brahma it is called the Brahma sthana.

Scientific Relevance Of Vastu Analysis

In ancient times, when people were less educated. They were not aware of the science of the people who understand this incorporated science in the way of Vastu Shastra. It could be understood by local people as it deals with their daily needs and requirement.
But if we see the traditional construction system, the scientific analysis is used with Vastu Shastra. If you want to know more about Vastu contact in Arch point.

Examples of scientific analysis of Vastu Shastra

  • The north-east side of the plot should be kept open, as the morning sun rays come directly from this side and provide light and ventilation throughout inside the house.
  • Avoid toilet in the south-west corner as 80% to 90% of the annual wind direction is from south-west to north-east, the odor will move according to the wind direction and the air will be not pure.
  • Water tank should be placed at north-east, east or north direction as during construction of tank when we dig the water from the ground comes with certain poisonous gases and if the weight of gases is less they will come out with the water and spread through winds.
    The wind movement is from south-west to north-east the gas will not enter into the house
  • In Scientific Relevance Of vastu, the central space should be kept open because it provides proper light and ventilation to the house.
  • The Main entrance should be located mainly towards the north-east, north and east as it manifest success and harmony for the dwellers.
    if the door is towards the north-west, the UV rays are minimized. if it is towards it is exposed to the direct rays of morning sun which brings in vitamins and nutrients and kill germs inside the house.
  • The bedroom should be placed in the south-east direction as it needs proper air circulation. so the south-east winds maintain proper air circulation and me it fresh.
  • The suitable direction for the kitchen is the south-east direction to protect the house from the havoc of rogue winds. another reason is that it is the main room which has continuous activities going in the morning so the idea is to get the rising sun rays to grace the food and kill the germs and bacteria.

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