Vastu For Bedroom


A Bedroom is a place where you relax and take a break from your busy schedule or your daily activities. Hence, you need to choose the Vastu For Bedroom.

The bedroom of your house should be ideally located in the South zone of Rest, Relaxation & Fame. Thus, Vastu for the bedroom is extremely important in one’s life.

How you sleep plays an important role in our daily life routine. How well you slept last night will lead to how energetic you wake up in the morning and how your whole day will be.

Vastu For Bedroom creates a positive energy and helps us in deep and sound sleep nights as its recharges our mind and body and improves our health. The bedroom should also provide a sense of security because while sleeping you are not aware of your surroundings.

Principles of Vastu for Bedroom:-

Direction and shape of the bedroom:

The ideal locations for bedrooms are southwest and northwest sides.

  • For Master Bedroom: Southwest is considered the best suitable place as it reflects the quality of earth element which includes strength.
  • For Guest Bedroom: northwest is the best suitable place.
  • Children bedroom can be in the northwest or west side.
  • For bachelors, the eastern side is the best suitable place.
  • Avoid bedrooms in the northeast corner of the house.
  • According to Vastu, square and rectangular shapes are recommended for the bedroom but avoid irregular shapes.

The direction of bed in bedroom:

There is a branch of Vastu Shastra called ‘Paryanka (Shyana) Vastu’, which contains exact proportions and design of the bed.

  • Head direction for good sleep: Head direction while sleeping should be on South. It is also the best sleeping direction for couples. While sleeping your head must not be towards North.
  • The shape of the bed should be regular. Avoid irregular shapes.
  • The bed should not touch the walls.
  • There should be no storage below the bed as it may affect marital relations.
  • Do not place the bed under beams. If any, covered it by providing a false ceiling.
  • Wardrobe should be placed in south, west, or south-west corner of the bedroom.
  • Avoid the mirror in front of the bed. As it affects your health.
  • Though you might better avoid keeping safe inside the bedroom if it’s necessary to keep the safe in the south direction while the door at the north side.

Above given are the Vastu for the bedroom which you should consider while designing the layout of a house. Hope this brings positive vibes in your home and makes your life beautiful.

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