Vastu For Toilet and Bathroom


Placement of toilets in a home is an essential part of designing the house as it reflects health and wealth. Vastu compliant house is very auspicious and provides a health free and obstruction free house with peace and growth.

Toilets and bathrooms are the major sources of negative energy if it is not built according to Vastu guidelines.

According to Vastu Shastra, toilets and bathroom in a home must be separated and not attached but due to the limited space for a living, there are attached toilets and bathrooms. But, this doesn’t mean that if you have attached toilets and bathrooms then you cannot do vastu for them.

Having seen some common problems that may arise due to defect in Vastu for the toilet, you are now ready to read and understand how you can make the toilet and bathroom in your home which compliant rules and regulation of vastu.

You just have the read the below points and make your home free from all negative energies and provide the peaceful environment.

Tips on Vastu for toilets and bathrooms:

  • According to Vastu, the north-west part of the house (not the corner) is considered the ideal place for placement of toilets and bathrooms. The second best location for the toilet and is the south-east part of the house but not the corner.
  • Avoid toilets in north-east side and east side and north-west corner as it brings bad health and losses.
  • The toilet should avoid sharing a wall with the bedroom, pooja room or kitchen as it creates a negative vibe in the house.
  • A bed that shares a wall with toilet may cause nightmares.
  • The ideal position for WC is the north-east and north-west walls, such that it faces north and south.
  • WC should never be below the staircase as it is believed that it causes negative energy in your house.
  • The wash basin and shower area should be in the east, north, north-east side of the bathroom.
  • The suitable direction for placing the washing machine inside the toilet is southeast and northwest side.
  • The ideal location for the outlet of drainage and water is north, east and north-east side.
  • The suitable location for the exhaust fan, ventilators, and windows of toilets must face east or north-east.
  • The interior color of the toilet according to Vastu is the shades of brown, beige, and other earthy shades. But, avoid black and blue color.

Based on the realistic and practical approach, Vastu for toilet and bathroom proves to be the reason to believe that the presence of toilets and bathrooms in a suitable direction will not bring bad luck.

Thus, the above points will help you in deciding the location of the toilet and bathroom and also for those who have toilets already constructed to redesign the interiors of it to reduce negative vibes in the house.

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