Vastu Shastra for Plot Selection


Vastu Shastra for Plot Selection is the very first thing we should consider when we want to build our house, as it is the fixed space, it has its own vibrations either positive or negative depending on the shape, orientation, location, soil condition, angle and slope of the plot.

Major points to be considered for Vastu Shastra for Plot

Vastu Shastra for plot location-

  • Best location for the plot is those which are calm and peaceful and have a lot of greenery, a water source with good fertile soil, as it is used In cultivation.
  • Before purchasing the land the best way to feel its vibration is to stand in the center and believe in our instinct.
  • The history of the plot is to be considered before buying the plot, as the people living were happy gives you the positive vibes.
Vastu Shastra for Plot
Vastu Shastra for Plot

Vastu Shastra for plot shape-

  • The plot should be the rectangular or square shape.
  • The plot should have only 4 corners.
  • The angle of the plot should be 90%.
  • The ratio of the rectangular plot should be 1:2.
  • Plots oriented towards the cardinal direction is auspicious. I.e, north,south,east,west. In these type of plot, the magnetic axis of the plot is parallel to the earth’s magnetic axis.
  • Plots which are narrow from the front and wide from rear called gomukhi plots are said to be inauspicious.
  • Plots which are wide from the front and narrow from rear side are called shermukhi plots and are auspicious for commercial use.
  • Irregularly shaped plots are inauspicious as it generates negative energy.
  • The plot should not be at y and t- junctions.

Extended plots:

  • The plots should be 90% but if extended towards the north side and the east side is said to be auspicious.

Vastu for roads along the plot:

  • A square plot surrounded by roads on all four sides are the most auspicious plots.
  • If road ends at your plot from the north-east corner it is considered good.
  • Northside roads are considered good bu the roads towards the south side is not considered to be not good.
  • If there is only one road on east side of the plot is said to be auspicious.
  • A plot surrounded by three sides of the roads on north, east, west is considered auspicious whereas the roads along the south, east and west are considered not so good.

Space to be kept open in a plot:

  • The vacant land should be kept more in the east and north side of the building and leave less space in the south and west.
  • The building should always locate at the south-west corner of the plot.
  • The vacant space on the west side of the plot leads to bad effects on the male members of the family.

Vastu for the slope of the plot

  • The north-east side of the plot is called solar half and south-west is called lunar half.
    The solar half should be lower and lunar half should be higher for proper flow of light and heat while water flows from south to west, north to east. These plots bring happiness into our lives.
  • Avoid plots with compression and depression at the center and slopes at all four sides.
  • Land having slopes towards the north side brings richness, while sloped towards east brings good fortune and towards west brings a loss in finance.

Vastu Shastra for plot soil:

Purchase land that can be cultivated, i.e, where greenery can be created. Land with many rocks is considered inauspicious.

If the soil after 3 ft down is black and red in color it is considered good. Black and clayey soil are not suitable for building.

Plot surroundings-

  • Plots with more trees are considered good.
  • Water channel flow on south or west is not considered good.
  • The plot should not be adjacent to the temple, graveyard, etc.
  • Do not buy a plot which has a larger plot on both sides.

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